Car leasing management software

Car leasing business management software


Automate the performance
of your leasing company

What is leasing?
CRM system for leasing

Leasing is a long-term car rental with a purchase option. It is more affordable than a loan and the rate itself is quite flexible and may even include maintenance and seasonal tire changes. It is believed that this is the most profitable solution for those who want to buy a car, but cannot do it in one payment.

Even before making a deal, it is necessary for all the participants who take part in the process (clients, suppliers, creditors and guarantors) to agree on the terms. In the process of leasing, there are even more such details. In order not to lose important information as well as to establish the management of rented cars, you need a powerful CRM system, such as RentSyst.

RentSyst for car leasing

Car leasing software – from order and car status control to invoicing and reporting.

RentSyst advantages


Automate your leasing company – payment scheduling, opening and closing deals, providing additional services. Minimize errors and human error.

Time saving

Save your sales managers from routine processes and paperwork. Save time on reporting and analytics – with RentSyst you get the data you need in a couple of clicks.


Adjust the settings to suit the needs of your leasing company. Control the access of all participants in the process to protect data from accidental malicious actions.

Car management

Keep every leased car under control. Watch its movement, learn about accidents, cases of aggressive driving and exceeding the mileage limit.

Document flow for rent

Create, store and distribute documents throughout the entire leasing process – from a commercial offer to a car purchase. Customize your document templates.

Electronic signature

Sign contracts in a couple of clicks, including with several signatories. Speed up the process of making deals while maintaining security.

Order management

Manage orders, process fines, make changes to leasing terms and quickly respond to emergency situations. Improve the quality of your service.

Reporting and statistics

Get detailed reports and make right business decisions. Store and analyze the history of client interactions to increase the average contract value.

How to optimize your leasing business

Registration in the RentSyst system
Setting up and filling
in data
Payment system
Adding cars to
the system
Integration with the site via WP plugin, iFrame or API
VOS system
Getting started
with orders
RentSyst is a functional pocket office for car rental business. Cloud software accessible from any device and from anywhere in the world.