VOS is a system of sensors that we install in your cars

Manage your fleet
wherever you are

VOS system

For the full operation of the VOS system, it is necessary to install 1 or 2 adapters in the car in order to access its limited or full functionality, respectively. Next, connect them to RentSyst, and you are done, all the information from the car's on-board computer is now in the system. If you are not sure about the installation, our specialists will be happy to help you!
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Two types of sensors are available :
Full Limited
 For cars only

The whole set of indicators is at your service. With it, you are completely in control of the situation and are always ready for unforeseen circumstances.

Only basic settings are available for you. A good start for beginner fleets.

Current location
Instantly track the coordinates of each of your cars
Travel History and Route
Stay informed where and when your cars were
Speed and fuel level
Control fuel consumption
Zone restriction
Keep your fleet in the tech support area
Car use without reservation
Track all car use cases
Receive speed alerts
Aggressive driving
Make drivers cautious about cars
Engine overheating
Prevent breakdowns and costly repairs
Opening/closing of the doors
Respond to illegal actions with your car
Turning on/off the headlights
Avoid problems with fines and low battery
Engine start/stop
Remotely block the ignition system in the event of theft
Learn immediately about force majeure on the road
Exceedance of mileage limit
Track the exceedance of mileage limit
Contactless rental
Collect and rent cars using your smartphone
Calculate the cost of the VOS system for your specific case
*Not included in the total cost
Number of Vehicles:
Each of the sensors contains a SIM CARD and is connected to our VOS system. The tariff is calculated per 1 vehicle/per month.
Total: €0
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