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What fleet workers say

When I joined the company, I immediately noticed that a lot of processes here can be automated. But the company management believed that it was about additional expenses on software and employee training. I am glad that I nevertheless insisted on getting my own way, and within a month we took part in the RentSyst workshop during which we were advised on connecting and managing the system. As a result, the adaptation went smoothly, and they even gave me a bonus as the most progressive leader.

AlexeyCommercial DirectorLogistic company "Trans express"

For a long time, I did not dare to get done with Excel spreadsheets and switch to RentSyst. As a result, I almost buried my business as it took a lot of time to enter the data, errors constantly appeared or the numbers did not fit. I took part in a workshop and now it's all in the past, I have the entire fleet under control, and the working day takes no more than 4 hours.

OlegOwnerTaxi service White cab

Colleagues will confirm that in high season, when the load on the fleet is just crazy, it is very easy to lose control over it. Usually we even used to hire additional managers to continue providing decent service. With RentSyst, that is no longer a problem. During workshop, we were shown that the system displays data for each machine and each client. No more orders are lost!

IrinaHead of Customer RelationsFleet "Pirel"


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